Coding & Designing

Collaboration Styles

HTML5 - Responsive

When you use someone's code, you have to study code and their rule.

This web-site is borrowed from Pixeden so that I need this grid-class. I'm sure that HTML5 is better than HTML4 ! It's responsive design and very easy to write code. Let's begin with me!

Urku Portfolio
<div class="ae-grid ae-grid--collapse"> 
  <div class="ae-grid__item item-lg-5 au-lg-ptp-1">
     <!-- Text content -->
  <div class="ae-grid__item item-lg-6 item-lg--offset-1">
     <!-- Image -->
Urku Portfolio

UI/UX Design - Skill

Left picture was dowloaded at Pixeden. They have a lot of nice freeibies.

It includes UI design & business card mockup. I recommend you put your own graphics and create a new layout according to your needs from pixeden.

<section class="ae-container-fluid ae-container-fluid--full rk-main"> 
    <header class="ae-container-fluid ae-container-fluid--full rk-header">
       <!-- Image -->
Urku Portfolio


When it's difficult to write code : CSS , I suggest to use Photoshop.

Photoshop is great to make banner and layer and web graphics. Absolutely great tool. I'm sure it will be your favorite tool!! ;)

Tutorial Blog

I teach you about how to make your homepage in Japanese.

I wish you can read Japanese and come to my blog : http://yukycohamabe.ciao.jp/hitomishiri/

Thank you very much for reading.:)

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